The Team


When Buck McClendon attended his first Rotary meeting, the one person he spotted in the crowd was John Watson. He went straight to Mr. Watson, reached out his little arms, and crawled in the lap of the man that has built much of the infrastructure in Dothan.

Not knowing the significance of his actions, this little guy touched hearts and sparked the inspiration that built the Miracle Field at Westgate Park. Buck meets no strangers and everyone knows his name. He is just like his mother, Melinda. They know no boundaries and see no obstacle too big to overcome. This amazing woman, once an executive with Macy’s, a guru in the public relations world, mother of four, wife, and now cancer fighter, simply told her story of how she wanted Buck to live a normal life, playing baseball like his dad, Ted, had once played in the Minor Leagues. Nothing short of a Miracle!

The Rotary Clubs

Both the Dothan Rotary Club and the Dothan-Houston County Rotary Club supported the dreams of the McClendon family and have been the channel through which the Miracle Field was built. From Architect, Builder, Contractor to Plumber, Roofer, and Surveyor, the Rotarians all gave "Service above Self" for this worthwhile venue. The dreams continue as both organizations look once again to raise the funds needed to build the Rotary Miracle Playground.


The Rotary Miracle Field Foundation, Inc.

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization was formed on June 3, 2008, as a joint effort between the Dothan Rotary Club and the Dothan-Houston County Rotary Club. The organization was formed specifically to provide assistance to children and adults with disabilities, primarily through the development and maintenance of the Miracle Field and Miracle League. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors.

The City of Dothan - Leisure Services

Stepping up to the plate in a big way was the City of Dothan and the Leisure Services Department, spearheaded by Kim Meeker. Working closely with the design team, Meeker orchestrated services from the city in the completion of the Miracle Field.

Now as plans for the Playground are being added to the complex, The TEAM will oversee another Miracle!

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